Friday, 21 December 2012

Happy 4th birthday

Happy fourth year, my little girl!

Together with your sister you are the the pivotal point of our existence!

You bring us so much joy and light!

May your day and life be filled with happiness and laughter!


She could not believe this morning it was finally her birthday!
She has been counting for so many days...

She can't wait for her "party"!
We invited a few friends who are still in the city to come over tonight!
(I hope it will fulfil all her year-long wishes of the Tinkerbell party... )


Best of wishes for your end-of-the-world final preparations!

We are going out in GRAND style!
With a Tinkerbell party! (*tongue-in-cheek*)

How are you planning to spend your last hours? :D


  1. Happy 4th Birthday to the little angel:0
    I am planning to spend my last hours enjoying a braai with friends and family. Any excuse right;0


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