Sunday, 16 December 2012

Accident on the highway

Running a bit late, but not speeding.

We had to turn off the highway to fill up with petrol.

And then back on the road!

If we had put in petrol before the time?

If we did not make that stop at the shops?

If we had started our drive a second earlier?

If only we had taken the other highway?

Rain bursting through the clouds, and then some patches of less rain!

But everywhere the wet highway...

THEN: The bundling of cars, and then we see the car skidding on the highway. There are cars all around us, and this car is not going forward anymore.

It is skidding past us, and I watch the face of the lady in the passenger seat! It is a face of unbelief!

Hubby swerve and misses the car, and for a split second we think we have made it!

The car skids into the barrier on the side of the road, and comes skidding back again...

It is right in front of us, and I hear myself scream.

I am thinking that this is going to be bad!

The cars are coming from behind, and we are in the middle of the highway...

We hit the other car on the side with a loud sickening THUD!

Hubby keeps on saying we need to get out of there! I push the button for the hazard lights...

Somehow he manages to get our car around the car which has now come to a standstill in the middle of the highway!

He drives to the side of the road, and keeps driving forward, afraid of more accidents...

The Toddler is crying now. We say something to her to calm her down. We have been in an accident, but we are fine!

We both get out of the car and look at the damage. The bumper is dented, and the number plate is missing. But it doesn't look that bad! The car can still be driven!

We wait for the other car to come to the side of the road, which somehow it manages to do. It is not roadworthy anymore!

Hubby jumps out and the two drivers exchanges their business cards, and then he comes back and we drive back home. He doesn't want to stay there!

Not on the highway anymore, and the Toddler crying because we are not going to the party anymore...


The driver of the other vehicle says that 3 more cars skidded there while they were waiting to be towed! If we had stayed there, we would have been hit...

We feel very lucky today!

We did not get hurt at all, and except for the schlepp of having a car fixed, we are fine today!

(This happened 6pm last night on the N1 between William Nicol and Rivonia)


  1. Bless you are all ok, I had a very near miss acouple of week ago on the highway here...I was nearly sandwiched between a car and a semi trailer...I drove off the road onto the grass and luckily was saved!!

  2. I am so thankful that you escaped injury and that your family is fine. We drove past an accident last night (just after it happened) and the occupants of the two vehicles that hit head on was not as lucky...I believe that quite a few lost their lives. I felt sick with the thought of anyone dying so violently.

    Stay safe my friend.

  3. So very very glad you are all fine.

  4. You were blessed indeed and protected! Miracles do happen. Glad you are safe. Good driving Dries!

  5. Glad u r ok. We went to pick up my sis at the airport on sat night there was also an accident and lots of rain. Rain really makes it worse.

  6. Gosh how scary :( glad it wasn't serious and noone was hurt!!

  7. So glad you are all fine! Accidents happen in an instant.


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