Thursday, 13 December 2012

Child at work - send out the Mayday!

I am reeling after a morning spent with the Toddler in my office.

Hurricane Mieka did a good job of re-organizing my whole office.

I miss her, but not while I am trying to get some work done!
I am very impressed that I can show something for my day! (*pat on own shoulder*)

Luckily her dad came to fetch her at lunch-time!

How do working mothers do it?
I had done a previous post on taking the Toddler to work, but those tips lasted only for the first hour!

I think I need to go and search for tips of what to do with them at the office.
It should be a long list, because each activity lasts for only a few minutes.

Any tips for me?

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  1. Tip 1: Don't take your toddler to work unless you own a creche.

  2. LOL! Stefan's daycare is closing on we will be having a baby at work for a few days...I don't know whether we will survive.

  3. Oh I do not even try wioth the boys. A is different - she can entertain herself for hours at the office to no end.


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