Monday, 2 July 2012

Working moms and volunteering at school

Working mothers can never compete with SAHMs when it comes to volunteering at school. It is just not always possible to to be there.

With hindsight I am really grateful to my parents who always pitched in at school when there was a call for help. Now I really understand the effort on their part!

I have said yes to a couple of volunteering efforts at school, and afterwards felt that I had to overcommit and overextend myself! (The things you do for your children...)
Such as The Fundraiser last year!

One thing I have taken away from all these. It is okay to sometimes say NO! Your children will understand.

I read this nice list over at National Nannies that seems to be a good way to get involved without feeling done in afterwards.

10 ways working moms can volunteer at school:

  1. Coordinate class parties through e-mail.  
  2. Cut out or prepare things at home.  
  3. Send money to help with a project. (I vouch for this one!)
  4. Make calls at night.  
  5. Provide extra school supplies.  
  6. Ask your nanny to stand in for you.  (If you are as lucky to have a nanny!)
  7. Join the PTA or PTO at your child’s school.  
  8. Chaperone a field trip.  
  9. Help with set up for an evening event.  
  10. Volunteer to work at the concession stand.  
(Read more over at National Nannies)

The best thing that I have learnt is to always try to make an effort, but if it is not possible, 
never to feel guilty about it!
I am working because I have to, and because I want to give my child a better life!

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