Thursday, 28 June 2012

42 months multiplied with cute

The Toddler went past her 42 months mark last week.

She is  such an energy ball of movement and a constant jabbering stream of cute sayings.

It is as if we can hear her brain out loud trying to make sense of the world.

Her fantasy world is also increasing daily with the things she comes up with...

Friends are becoming very important to her. She has a friend at school whom she absolutely adores, and she comes back to tells us that Jade says this and that... Or Jade says that is how it is supposed to be!
It seems that Jade calls the shots, and what Jade says goes!
I am trying to tell her that not what everything Jade says is the truth, and that she should think herself  to determine whether something is true...
She gets very upset when Jade tells her that she is still too small/a baby, when in fact they both are the same height and age!

I am not exactly sure how to deal with this appropriately, and to learn her how to not place a person on a pedestal! Any ideas?

I told her about the "Talk to the hand!" comeback, but I don't think she understands it or uses it...(Maybe it is also not such a good idea!)

Why are they sometimes so centred on one person, and not seeing all the other lovely children to interact with?

She came to work with me on Monday, and although it was extremely difficult to get anything done, I am missing her in my office...

A colleague relayed that she also had fun listening to the commentary going on.
They had the following exchange:
"Mieka, I love your hat! Can I have it?"
"No, you are too big! You must grow small again to be able to wear the hat!...
(some thinking) But then you must get a mother again!"

Please time, don't let it go by so quickly!


  1. That is very cute :) I love the 2-4 age - they are very cute!

  2. Oh she is cute and that phase will pass. Important lessons about people ans friendships learned int he proses


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