Monday, 4 June 2012

On the floor, that's where the conversation is

I was reminded again yesterday of how important it is to get down on the floor when wanting to connect with children...

We were all so excited to see the little ones, and we were trying to get some response from them...
But we did it by talking from way up there to them, while trying to solicit some sort of verbal exchange!

It did not work at all!
They were hiding behind legs, and the faces were solemn...
Looking at us with eyes that say: "Do not even bother!"

I went to sit with them on the floor while they were colouring in, and all of a sudden the atmosphere changed. (I wanted to take some photos!)

They started to talk to me! I did not even have to ask another question!

The words just poured out of everyone...
And I got some smiles!

"Get down to their level!"
 (I will not forget again!)


  1. This is such a valuable lesson - one I forget. Kiara still responds better when I get down to her level!

  2. Definitely a great thing to remember. On their level or in the car are when my 2 are their chattiest!

  3. So so true, I think it is something we often forget... and remember over and over and over again;-)


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