Monday, 11 June 2012

Life lessons while studying

The Student has learnt a couple of valuable lessons while studying.

In our era of Google, Wikipedia and cut & paste it is a valuable lesson for all Students. Of. Life.

I always try to believe the best of people, and usually expect the best from somebody else.
I also believe that the way we expect them to be is the way that they will show up in our lives!

She lent in good faith her memory stick to a fellow student, and had her work copied by two others. Work that she had put much effort in.

In the end she had to go and lay a complaint, and had to face "stories" and bad vibes going round.
She also got the same marks for her assignment which the other two got. So her marks were compromised!

Her memory stick were also stolen after that!

The lessons that she has learnt:

- Never give your intellectual property to somebody else to copy. Help them with ideas, but never give the whole document.

- Keep your memory stick in a safe place. Always!!

- Do not lose your trust in other people, but do not make it easy on them to violate it!

- Do not let yourself lose your focus on achieving your goal, specifically to get an education!

- Work hard to play hard, in that consecutive order.

- The Truth always prevails!

Best wishes for the exams, my girl!
I know it will go well!


  1. Ag nee man! Your poor girl. But a necessary lesson never the less

  2. Karma's a bugger, Karen. What goes around will come back and smack those that play dirty.
    I feel for your girl, it was a harsh lesson, one that didn't balance out completely. But in some form or another it will.
    Tough age, tough lessons. But we come through stronger for it.

  3. Learnt that lesson in school too! Hard but good to know in future. Don't let other's steal your hard work. Trust your own instinct and learn to say NO!
    All the best with the exams!!

  4. Shame man - that is so not cool :( She must maybe also password protect her work.

    Flip man people always look for the easy way out :(

  5. People are jerks......well some people!


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