Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Weekend camping

The full-blown winter weather had us uncertain about going camping over the past weekend...
I had a few calls from Hubby saying that we should make a call: NOT going!

But in the end we were packing. Haphazardly, because of the going/not going... (That explains the forgotten stuff!)

We arrived at Kokoriba (just a few kilometres from Brits) with scarves and jackets, and realized we had not packed any summer clothes. Luckily I put in the swimming costumes as an afterthought.

Heated pool fun

It was definitely worth the effort to get away from winter for a weekend and to soak in the rays of the bush!

Lesson learnt: Never ever plan your holidays around the weather. Even if you think the winter has got you slumped... Just go!

The Toddler had a ball!

It was only dust where we camped, but she was found playing in it the whole weekend.
The bunnies, and birds around the camp site made for excellent entertainment.

And I got to see wonderful sunsets!
I wish we could have stayed...

North West sunset!


  1. UK saying
    Never bad weather just the wrong kind of gear!
    Wish we could swim in winter he he

    1. You can swim in the winter if you are willing to freeze to death. Go ahead swim, nobody is stopping you!

    2. Yes Ronel! But here we think we are dying of the cold when it goes beneath the 20 mark... ;-)


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