Thursday, 7 June 2012

My daily rejection

The best time of my day during the week is when I go to fetch the Toddler at school.

I cannot wait to see the little face. To see how it lights up and she comes running up to me...
I look forward to it the whole day long!

But it seems that she does not share my sentiments!

As soon as I pick her up I have to hear that her Dad is supposed to come and fetch her!
Every day! For the last three weeks already!

He usually drops her off, and I go to pick her up.

I do not mind when I am being told that her Dad should come to lay with her in the evenings! That usually gives me a bit of me-time. It also does not happen every night. And sometimes she prefers her Mother at night...

How do we deal with these daily rejections?
(I hope she reads this one day, especially when she has her own children...
"I forgive you!")

My eldest also wanted to go and stay with the un-father when she was 12. That was one of the worst times in my life! At 13 her eyes finally opened up to the situation!
It was a very bad rejection to live with for a few months!

Parenting involves a lot of rejection!

"I love you, even though you do not want me around all the time!"
I know it's part of growing up and becoming a big girl!


  1. Oh and the first time you hear : "I am not your friend any more". Ai!

    Back to the toddler - she is quite possibly in the " in love with daddy "phase. Mine went through it too.

  2. I don't have kids but alot of Cats reject me when I ask them to come to me, they just turn their butt and ignore me, much like kids or maybe not, what do I know I don't have kids.

  3. I'm so use to this. My 2yr old has had a preference for Dad for a long time now. He gladly runs to Dad. But when I fetch him or he comes walking through the door it's just straight past me and onto something else.

    Somedays it can be frustrating. Coz as you said - we are so looking forward to seeing them!


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