Friday, 6 July 2012

19 years today

19 years ago today she was born.

I was not there to witness her face when she breathed her first air. (The doctor did an emergency caesarian which I still think was because he wanted to go home for the day...)

But I immediately recognized the sweet face when she was brought to me! So much familiar features! The chin and the nose and the whiff of hair!


She was such a cute little thing growing up! Very independent!

I also remember the blonde hair, always loose because it was such an issue just combing it...

It has been such a wonderful experience to have her in our lives...


Happy birthday, beautiful girl!



  1. Happy Birthday to the most amazing young lady! Love you lots. xxxxxxx

  2. Happy happy Bday to her

  3. She is lovely!!! Happy happy to her :)

  4. She looks just like her mommy...beautiful girl. Congratulations on her birthday and on raising an exceptional girl.

  5. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter, Karen. Lovely post :-)


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