Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Crocodile Creek visit

We saw a sign next to the road for the reptile park, and went in search for Crocodile Creek near Ballito in the Tongaat River flood plain in Kwazulu-Natal.

Hubby nearly turned around because the roads are a bit tricky in that area, but some road signs beckoned us on with "You are nearly there!"

Crocodile Creek houses 7000 Nile crocodiles, also alligators, slender snouted and dwarf crocodiles. The eldest is a 70 year old Nile crocodile which weighs 600 kilograms which is still being used in their breeding programme.

We had a very enthusiastic guide who climbed into the cages and even went and picked this one out of the water.

The Toddler could touch a smallish crocodile (even hold it, but that she refused), and she thoroughly enjoyed looking at all the crocodiles and paraphernelia.

After that we had crocodile sosaties for lunch. It tastes something like chicken... Not bad at all!

Next time you see that road sign when you are on the North Coast. Take the exit! It is well worth the trip!

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  1. And no wonder crocodiles are angry and eating people because we eat them and we wear thier cousins, well not me I wont even touch crocodile meat or wear crocs aka thier cousins.

  2. Thanks! Will keep it in the back of my mind for December

  3. Oy...I think I will pass on the crocodile sosaties...I don't think I will eat something that can eat me:-)


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