Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The best thing I did with my newborn

Spending hours and hours in the same chair, holding her and breastfeeding her.
Our Little Tortoise.

Looking at her.

Holding her.

Breastfeeding her.

Again. And. Again.

I now know it was the best best use of my time!

I will never get that back again!
But I will cherish those special months we had together...

Too soon we do not have to say again: "This too will pass!"

What was the best thing you did when you had a newborn?

(Photo: Debbie Rogers)


  1. Oh yes, breastfeeding for sure.

  2. Feeding would rate at the top for me too. A special time

  3. Breastfeeding, that bond can never be taken away. But all the cuddling and rocking and singing... He'll be 3 in October, and yet I still ahve to sing for him everyday. I know that he remembers it. And I will cherish it always


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