Thursday, 12 July 2012

We are nearly there...

"Please, please don't get sick. The beach holiday is around the corner!"

(We are going to sidestep winter for a bit.)

Dad went to pick her up at school, and off to the doctor....

Please, please! *Holding thumbs!*

Update from yesterday:

The doctor reckons it's the start of an upper respiratory infection, and only a viral infection at this stage. I even asked that if it is possible, that we can sidestep the antibiotics...

Guess what she did? She prescribed those antibiotics! (Even though she told me it is a viral infection.)

It feels more and more that I can't trust a doctor to make decisions for my family's health!

We are treating the fever with a bit of Panado, and did not send her to school today...

I am not going to give her the antibiotics! 
I Googled again today about antibiotics and viral infections, and the conviction is anonymous.
It does not work! It even worsens the situation!

Anybody knows of a good doctor who are more concerned about our health than just prescribing medicines?
I feels like I have wasted our time and money going to the doctor yesterday....


  1. Yes just need lots of water and ten days and the body fights the infection itself! Love the UK doctors for not giving antibiotics.

  2. Hmm after a few horrible days last week with the Medicross dr's, I finally found a great doc who also doesn't like anti-b's. I don't know if it would be too far for you, but it's Dr. Michael Karam in Harmelia, Shelton Avenue.

    He's still the old school type dr (get to know his patients names, not file numbers).


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