Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Changing her mind

The Toddler changes her mind constantly!
It is a given!

She doesn’t want to eat her food, but when asked if we can give it to the dogs, we get an emphatic “NO!”

She gives us the exact opposite of what we ask of her.


(Wait for it....wait for it...)


The question usually takes a while to register, and normal toddler-response is a “No!”

Do you want to play with the ball?

“I want to play with the ball!” (Whine!-voice)

We can use it to our advantage. (Sly grin)

We plant the seed of the required action by asking her a question.

The “No!” follows.

It helps to sell it a bit more, and then leave it and wait for her to respond otherwise!
(It really works!)

Sometimes it takes a bit longer. Sometimes it takes months for her to change her mind...

The Toddler now wants to wash her hair every day. And she wants to lie down on her back in the bath.
Before it was a struggle for months to get her to wash her hair, and she used to complain bitterly!
We don’t know what made her change her mind, but we are grateful for every small gesture that makes it easier on all of us...

Ah, what is the good of a mind...?


  1. Ah, but girls are supposed to change their minds, aren't they?
    It's a woman's right!

  2. Hehe...she seems to be in the stage where they don't listen, they just automatically say no.

  3. It is good that they know what they want so young but can be a challenge to parent :)

    AJ's latest reply when we say he cannot do something is to say

    "we'll see about that!" (with teen attitude )


  4. She is a girl and we girls are entitled to change our minds all the time.


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