Thursday, 9 June 2011

The evening WHINE

We don’t see that much of the famous toddler tantrum anymore, but something a bit more nerve-wracking has taken its place. The Whine! It is a refinement on the throw-on-the-floor tantrum!

Especially the evening whine! The worst of the worst kind of psychological manipulation.

“Anything, please tell us what you want! We will give it to you! Just stop the whining! Anything!” (Yes, sometimes we do!)

The Toddler is tired! She knows what she wants!

This! No, this! No matter what! Nothing is quite to her wants or specifications! And when something falls on the floor, it is total whine-mode! (I have even seen her drop the stuff on purpose... What's up with that?) Even if we tell her to just pick it up...

She does not let up!

It does not help when we are as tired as she is...

It is not the screeching tantrum that Lisa at Lady RubyRay is talking about, but it is relentless...

Please send a whole bucket of patience! 
What do you do with the whine?

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  1. At 3 1/2 for my grand baby, she knows she'll not get her way with the whine.
    A few whines turned into full out tantrums.
    And that was followed by the time out chair.

    Her mother was the queen whiner. It's where I learned to start tuning them out. Comes in handy for the teenage years ;-)

  2. Unfortunately the whine hangs around for quite some time. And we still see some whining especially when it is bedtime. But now that they understand they need to use their words (and they have more words) and value behaving "like the big kids they are" it is thankfully getting less.

  3. LOL! My younger son was a whiner and now we see that little Lukas takes after his daddy when he is tired. Nothing is quite as he wants it;-)


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