Thursday, 16 June 2011

A strange week

What a strange week this is...

We are in the midst of winter, and it is VERY difficult to get up in the mornings!
Typical early morning shot while driving through the suburbs
The moon did some strange things this week:
Full moon already up at 4pm on Monday
 The full moon was seen very early, in preparation for that lunar eclipse last night. How beautiful was that?
The lunar eclipse moon when it came out last night (the highest light ball over suburbia)

I was boasting in my lactivist post about the toddler not getting sick. (Murphy always listens! I should have known!)
On Tuesday evening she all of a sudden started to complain of earache, and we had a terrible night of fever. I had to take her to the doctor on Wednesday where she got a full course of antibiotics.
Sick toddler
Luckily it was Youth Day here. A public holiday! Nothing that gets a week moving by faster!
The toddler also felt a lot better today!
It felt like Sunday today and we went out for a lazy lunch.
The toddler had her finger stuck into the door just a minute after this photo was taken...

But all was smiles after a bit of Daddy love...

Toy at the restaurant

Hope you had a great Youth Day as well?


  1. Nope. No Youth day over here. The Youth is working 24/7! LOL.

  2. Yup Youth day was a fab bonus day for me...but I was feeling Meh and only realised later that it has been exactly a year ago that B ran away for the first time.

    Hope your toddler is much better today.


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