Monday, 20 June 2011

I should have said…

I had a bad-taste-in-the mouth experience last week when I took the sick toddler to the doctor on Wednesday last week. Since then I have been thinking of all the things I should have said to the doctor…

My appointment was at 7:45 am, and when I arrived I had to wait. Nothing new there! After half an hour I was still waiting…

The toddler made a nappy and I had to go and change! Should I have left it on (with the accompanying smell), I am sure the doctor would have treated me the same way…

Of course! That same old Murphy enjoys rubbing it in! Not only did the toddler get sick right after I smugly boasted about her health, but the doctor came to call out my name while I was busy changing the nappy.

I ran out in the waiting room when I heard a commotion! The doctor was just turning on her heels, when I called out to her to tell her that I am coming! I saw that she was not impressed!

When I walked into her rooms, she was busy writing, and not once did she look up while she was speaking to me…

She told me to open up the clothes of the toddler. Guess what? The toddler refuses that I take off her jacket, but I did not insist, because it was easy to lift it up.

The toddler also complained bitterly while the doctor was busy with her…

I could sense her frustration! (It was palpable!)

When we sat down at her table again, I had to ask: “Is there an infection?”

“Yes, both ears!”

“The throat is also red!”

“I am going to have to give antibiotics!”

She wrote that prescription in record time, and ushered us out of there!

The toddler also did not want to wave to her! (Thanks, Murphy!)

We were in and out of there in five minutes, and for that she gets over R300. I feel cheated, especially after I had to coax some sort of diagnosis out of her!

I should have said:

I am sorry that I have kept you waiting for two minutes, but I had to change that nappy. I was waiting already for longer than half an hour after my appointment time.

I expect some sort of service and decency from you!

I also expect you to treat the toddler and me with more respect!

I have spent the whole night up with fever and a crying toddler. We are not here because we enjoy being here! We are here because the toddler is sick!

I should have walked out of there, and demanded to see another doctor!

I should have said: “Fuck you!”

One thing I know. I will never go to that doctor again!

Luckily my favourite doctor was on sick leave! Now I know why we love her so much!


  1. Yes you should! One reason why I like ours - she takes her time and do a good check.

  2. What the heck?! I get so peeved when I read things like this. I too my eldest to the ENT and sat and sat and eventually asked what was going on ... we're running late - so I answered, well are you going to pay the money I'm losing sitting here - why do you bother making appointments. We know we get treated like criminals when we're late - but because it's 'the doctor' its okay to make you wait? Heck. I don't think she deserved the decent treatment you gave her and I sure hope you won't be going back. Sorry your little lady has been ill.

  3. Ahh the art of letter writing. :-)
    You know you wanna...

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