Thursday, 23 June 2011

Winter sun

It was the shortest day on Tuesday in the southern hemisphere, and we are saying that summer is around the corner again. The middle of winter means things have turned around already. Summer is on its way again!

I noticed that the Northern hemisphere announced that it is the start of summer there...   (Wink smile!)
It seems we all are looking forward to summer! But it seems we have definitely more of it!

We have had a lovely few days of winter sun here in Johannesburg, and we have been soaking up the lovely rays! (Go away, Murphy!!)

I am attending a conference for two days! We have not had much of these in recent years. It is so invigorating to hear new voices, and to get some valuable insights in my field of work! I like attending conferences! (Nerd!)

The teen has finished with her mid-year exams. Holidays for them already! When they have holidays, it feels a bit like holidays for us as well! Not having to do the taxiing and a bit less traffic make our lives much easier!

She has found her perfect fairytale dress yesterday. It is way above our budget... (No surprises, actually!) At least the search is over, and I can sigh with relief!

All is well in Toddlerville! Little Miss is better after she was sick last week, and sleeping very well at the moment!

It seems we are happy families...

Time to soak up some of that winter sun!

What do we need more than this?

(Boring is my new black! Sorry readers!)


  1. Oh yes, I want summer!

    Do you know Marieks? Take her to see her and explain the dress and get it made.

  2. Yes we had our longest day here in the UK.

    I do love the photo of you and the youngest blowing bubbles. :)

    My eldest has her prom coming up next weds. Photos will follow.

    I think we have got everything she needs for it now. She has finished compulsory school now and exams, but going back for 6th form.


  3. Hi Cat I decided against a dress being made, because of previous problems with dressmaking! Luckily the teen found her dress(but at a cost)! :D

    Carol, I would love to see those prom photos! It seems it is the "most" important thing in their lives right now(sic)
    It is the teen and toddler in the photo ;-)(Thanks!)

  4. There is always lots of excitement around the matriek dance. I am sure she will look like a princess.


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