Sunday, 26 June 2011

A weekend away: Season's Eco Golf Estate

Season's Eco Golf Estate
It was bitterly cold here, but we had a lovely weekend not too far from home!
The walks in the winter sun, lots and lots of food, red wine and the fireplace helped to keep us warm!
The only "wild" animals we encountered...
But we had some "wild" visitors at the chalet!
The toddler: "Check!" (In English). 
We had to "check" the whole weekend long. A word she most probably picked up at day care.

Also "Jis!", which we think comes from the "Yes's!" that her dad and grandfather screamed during the rugby of the weekend! We are trying to replace it with a proper "Yes"!

Lots of stuff for the toddler to do!
Even a "ride" on Spiderman, although it was not working...(Luckily she is still at the age where she does not mind that the toys are not moving. She gets her thrills from sitting on it!)
The scary staircase, which did not phase the toddler at all!

Of course, the weekend has gone by in a swoosh!
What did you do to keep warm?


  1. So pretty and looks like fun :)

    We did shopping and had Cams birthday lunch :)

  2. Nothing like going to the Mall or Spur to keep warm :D

  3. You had a fabulous one! We just chilled at home

  4. Looks like a wonderful weekend.


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