Thursday, 29 October 2009

Teen in love

Red alert! My teen daughter of 16 is in love!
There are the Facebook status updates (yes, I spy every now and again) which makes you smile and worry:
You lift my feet off the ground, you spin me around. You make me crazier! K 4 S
I love the fact that my teenage daughter of 16 has found a nice guy, and that they are happy – a few days ago it was two weeks. What a record! (Smile)
But it is also a BIG CONCERN to me. (Who does he think he is? Good enough for my daughter? I don’t think so!)
The guy looks very well-mannered, clean and friendly – but that’s just on face value.
One of our friends told us that that is exactly the type of guy you should not trust, because he knows! He was one of those clean-cut guys, but he was not trustworthy at all!
I love the fact that my daughter is socially well-adapted. Not like me. When I was her age, I was a nerdish book freak who loved riding around on my bike. But now I realize how much more easily I had been on my parents. I was in my room, reading, most of the times. Perfect daughter! Bliss for the parents!
Arnia wants to go out, she wants to be with her peer group and apparently she loses her head about a guy every now and again. Up until now she has been very strict with regards to them, and the previous one was “fired” when he said a few misplaced words one lunch-time at school.
I hope this one also slips up! (Evil smile!) She is much too young to get too seriously involved. What do you think?


  1. I can just imagine your concerns! Luckily Arnia has good values, so I don't think you need to be too concerned.

  2. Parents cannot help not being concerned. That's what we do! Pay-back time for us! Time for OUR Parents to sit back and to say: "We told you so!" That's what you said in your blog as well, Lena? :)

  3. O wow. What a learning curve for us too. I think it is so good for her to get this experience now. I was the same as you - read books all day long, was a model daughter - but I did not learn about life. I did not have insight into people, who is good for you and who is not. I wish Marinda would be like this - go out and push a few boundaries!

  4. Yvonne, you have the model daughter as well! LOL But we can't force them to be someone else! I have decided to enjoy them for what they are!

  5. I was the wild daughter going to a party each weekend and loved dancing! ;-) I had the english boyfriend who smoked and had an earring when I was 16. Great to fall in love! Good memories.

    I suppose being a parent you are kept on your knees!

  6. Ronel, I always had a wish I could have been the wild one! :) That's why I am glad my daughter is more outgoing!


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