Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Day care woes

A working mother’s day is influenced by how well it is going at the day care she leaves her child. When something is out of whack, you feel on edge the whole day long. We heard that Mieka’s day care person has been suspended. Immediately the worst scenarios are played off in your head, especially since I told Dries on Monday about a news article about a woman in our neighbourhood who has been arrested for abuse. The article did not name the person. I phoned our day care centre, but they could not tell us anything, because there is still a disciplinary hanging. They hinted that it has something to do with smoking and assured me that my child was not involved. I hate it when Mieka’s world is being uprooted, because now they had to get somebody else in to look after the children. And I feel guilty that I can’t be there for her… The working mother’s guilt! It gets to me when things like this happen.
But Mieka was fine yesterday when Dries went to fetch her, and she and the dog had a lot of fun.
Photo: Dries with Mieka and Petite Peu

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