Tuesday, 20 October 2009

One step behind

I was reading the developmental manual Practica on Sunday night about month 9 in baby’s developmental phase. Mieka is already 10 months on Wednesday. I have three days to get everything of month 9 fitted in… Luckily there are a lot of things that she is doing by herself, which we did not attend to specifically. It is just the creeping-crawling phase, which she seems to not have any interest in at all.
I am constantly feeling that I am a step behind, since the pregnancy and the baby. I am beginning to wonder if it will stay this way. Maybe I should just surrender and take each day (even minute) on face value and cope with what it presents to me? That’s a coping mechanism which could work? But I have the nagging feeling that we can accomplish more, also because we hear of great women who find their balance with work and family and life. We have to challenge ourselves to BE more… What do you as the blog reader think?


  1. I think we must just enjoy it as it comes. No use to overload ourselves and lose out on the joy because of pressure.

  2. Mmm... my first thought was: "Relax, every child is an individual". I grew up with a working Mom, who definitely didn't give attention to all the "by-the-book-details" of my development, and well, in my humble opinion, I didn't turn out too bad.... Relax, live, let life take care of it's own!


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