Thursday, 15 October 2009

Soap box musings

A dove flew into the front of my car this morning, and there was a thud and feathers. It was a very upsetting beginning for the day. It turned out to become worse, with the news that a teacher at Arnia’s school committee suicide. So sad! That’s was not the standing still (yesterday’s post) that I had in mind, but the choice of how to live your life.
I was speaking to a colleague of mine, Justice, about the women with the babies that they beg with on the street corners. The problem is rife in Gauteng. Because I just had a baby, it gets to me even more than before. I think about the quality of life of these children and the lack of stimulation while they spend their day on the pavement. We as a society have gone wrong when we see the symptoms of people living on the streets. But I don’t have the answers… How do we help?
Another person (I will not name the person) also mentioned how deeply dependent a child is on their parents. I made a comment about all these children that have to grow up in such harsh conditions, some also without their parents. The person said; “I do not have a feeling for these children, I only know about the specific child I am talking about and who are near to me.” That made me very sad. All our children are precious, and all of them deserve more in life! When you call yourself a religious person, but you do not show compassion for your fellow human beings, then you do not understand what your religion is all about. That was my soap box tirade for the month. Humph!

I am eagerly following Margot’s sleep training of her son, but until she succeeds I will keep on using my breasts as the best sleep soothers in our house. (Smile) But it was a lot much yesterday morning when I put Mieka down, again, and looked at the watch. It was 4:59am, 1 minute before the alarm went off. Very bloodsucking not funny demoralizing…tiredness! Maybe I should start reading the sleeping book again?

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  1. It seems Margot succeeded last night! Good luck with your sleep training and nothing wrong using your breasts as sleeping tools if that's what works for you!


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