Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Choosing happiness

I was helping to dish out cards at work yesterday at the entrance of our building. We noticed how people came in with a positive or negative energy. Now I know what the security guards experience every day. Poor guys! I definitely have more respect for what they do, and have decided that I will put on my happy face, no matter what! Some were huff-and-puff, most probable because they are late. Some were grumpy, and some were downright rude. “I don’t do cards!”
But the ones with the sunny dispositions and the friendly hellos all made it worthwhile. It’s a decision to be happy and friendly. I will definitely teach my daughter to make a decision for her own happiness, and not wait for the weather to influence how you are going to feel!


  1. You should see the people on the train and tube everyday in London! No one smiles! Their faces are more depressing than the winter weather. Yes it change a person's day when someone smiles. I still love the saying...... "Smile, It makes people wonder what you are up to."

  2. Thanks, Ronel. Yes, smiling makes all the difference!

  3. There was a lady on Oprah who had a stroke. She wrote a book about it - I think it is called My stroke of genius or something. Anyway, while she was in hospital, she had lost the ability to talk or communicate with anyone. She didn't understand them, and they didn't understand her. But, she said, the thing she was most aware of, was if someone came into her room with positive or negative energy - and she only wanted the positive people. Our challenge should be to always leave people better off, when they have left our presence!

  4. It should be a goal in life, I agree, Yvonne!


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