Friday, 23 October 2009

The hubby

The world is populated with them: the adorable husbands. Somewhere, between us going off and becoming our own, they have evolved as well and we have a new breed of men. I call them the millennium men.
Dries is definitely one of the new men. I have made a better second choice in life – with regards to men. (Smile)
A while ago Dries told me that one of the first things I told him on our blind date how much I hate the X, and how I would not have cared if he was taken off the face of the earth. Oops! Not something you say on your first date with a new man. Another social rule, but it must be written up somewhere already. The fact that he is still here, is a good indication that he does not scare easily. Because it was not only me, but Arnia (aged 9 at that stage) as well, that he had to take on.
One of Dries’ favourite stories is that I did not marry him for his money, but for his body! Dries was a teacher, and we all know that they are not rewarded with a salary that is life sustaining. I definitely did marry him because he is responsible. Not something that I was used to, although it is supposed to be a given. The X did not work, or got himself fired or resigned on a whim.
Dries is a great cook, better than me. He usually comes up with the most wonderful combinations, without having to look at a recipe. He helps with all the mundane household chores, and in the evenings he helps with the bathing of Mieka and getting up to fetch her when she cries. And there are lots of these men around - I get feedback from all of my friends as well. My grandmother used to tell us that we must be ready with the tea when the husband arrives at home, and even then we knew it was something that we could never do… “What’s wrong with their hands, grandma? We are going to come home from work as well!”
Now I have a husband who is a wonderful friend, with whom I can share my life with. We have fun at home and on holiday. We love going out to restaurants, to the movies, on picnics, and camping. Somewhere in the near future, when Mieka is a bit older, we are going to hike again in the mountains…
Yeah for the millennium man who can make his own tea!

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  1. So true, Karen! Luckily I also have one of those millennium men! I don't know how single parents manage, as I know I'd never be able to without Chris.


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