Monday, 5 October 2009

Awake stories

I should not have jinxed it, by saying that it is going better with the sleeping. Since then, we have been getting up more at night… (Smile) I’ll just zip it!
Mieka is getting busier and busier. Today we went in search of a jolly jumper. I am not sure if it is also bad for babies (such as the walking ring, which we are guilty of), but we are in desperate need for some free hands. Mieka is interested in E-V-E-R-Y-thing, but because she is not crawling yet, she complains and moans and throws herself in the direction she wants to go. When she is on your lap, she wiggles down, until her feet touches the ground. And then she wants you to walk her to where she wants to go. It is very cute, but it is also very exhausting. And we struggle to get time to do anything else. The jolly jumper is a real lifesaver and it was a joy to watch her today laughing and jump-swinging in it. She has not mastered the jumping yet, but it is worth it in time and free hands!

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  1. We had a jolly jumper for the kids too. It never seems to have done them any damage and it gave us many hours of pleasure!


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