Thursday, 22 October 2009

Bonus days

As a working mother I welcome every opportunity I get to be with my baby. I constantly feel as if I am not getting enough time with her. We get a monthly clinic day at work, and it is a bonus which I am very grateful for. But it strikes me that I also feel the same with regards to my teenager. So it never stops… the feeling that you do not spend enough time with them. The other day when my sister notified me of a status update on Arnia’s Facebook, I immediately felt guilty. Did I miss something I should have known? But it was about the death of their teacher, which she only found out about when she was at school. I only sometimes see her with breakfast, for about 10 minutes and then again at dinner in the evenings. Some days she spend all of her time behind a closed door, doing homework or reading or MXit-ing with friends, listening to music. The teen thing which they do… (Smile) So, yesterday on a bonus day, we did a McD’s (as McDonalds is known in our household) after I went to fetch Arnia from school. Always nice to do some catch-up about what is happening in Arnia’s life. That’s where the photo of Mieka was taken, with one of the McD’s toys on her head. She rocks up and down when she hears the music in her ears.
I did not mention anything about the great Tuesday night we had. Mieka went to sleep at eight, and only woke up at three during the night. That was utter bliss! I felt totally refreshed. So I did not jinx it by mentioning it. But last night was hectic again. (Not smiling) We will get there…
Mieka reached the ten month mark yesterday, and she weighed 8.1kg at the clinic.

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