Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Fake healthy until you are

Now that I have a young one in the world, and I am an older parent, I have to give more attention to my health. My youngest is 9 and half months, and I am 42 years of age. I want to be here for her as long as possible. I know this, but why on earth do I struggle so much to get it right? I know all the health rules. I am an avid fan of Mary-Ann Shearer, Patrick Holford, Deepak Chopra and Mike Geary. Two years back I got it right by not eating wheat, drinking milk or eating junk food. I am still drinking a lot of supplements. I slipped a bit when a natural doctor told me that my body is very acidic. And then the pregnancies happened…Most of the healthy habits caved to all the cravings. Toasted cheese and tomato sandwiches and yogi sips were a daily indulgence. Luckily I did not have a lot of space, so I could not eat that much. I only gained 10 kilograms, but now I have my space back, and I struggle to get back into the healthy eating and exercising routine. I still have one excuse: I am breastfeeding and can’t go on a strict diet… (sigh, but I know it’s not a good enough excuse).
The question is – how to get motivated again? Maybe I should give less attention to motivation, and just start doing it. I love the saying: Fake it until you make it! I will start faking a healthier me, until I am the healthy person I am.

My health plan: (Start with small steps):
The goal is to lose 1 kilogram a week, and getting fitter:
- Stop eating bread;
- Use Soya milk;
- Drinking only 1 cup of coffee a day;
- Only drink a glass of red wine over weekends;
- Exercise 3 times a week;
- Flossing every day – one health tip by The Doctors to live longer (that' not too difficult)

Do you have more easy tips for faking healthy?


  1. Hi Karen

    Thank you for this. It also motivated me to stop planning and start doing!

    One thing that works for me is not to mix starch and protein. It helps to fight that feeling of fatigue!

  2. Very good suggestion. I'll add it to my list. Thanks!

  3. Eish... this does not sound like small baby steps to me. IT sounds like huge leaps and bounds! But hey - perhaps I should also start doing something. I will start with drinking 1 less cup of coffee. THAT is a baby step!

  4. Ha-ha, Yvonne. I could also not get it down to 1 cup yesterday, but to 3 cups. Today I am trying again...


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