Monday, 5 October 2009


I am proud of myself of being able to do a lot of things with Mieka on my hip. I even tried scrap booking on Saturday, and I could actually show something for the day. My friend Deirdre is a very innovative scrap booker, and she invited me to one of her regular scrap book classes. Arnia, my daughter, came with me. She was not impressed by being told what to do, and set out to do things differently from the start. I got a lot of “I-know-better” comments from her. I was thinking that we should try and learn something new. Especially since it was our first time! But a teenager always knows better! Arnia was pleased with her end result, although the “Sun, sea and sand” theme changed to a “Friendship” theme (sigh). Deirdre must have been horrified, but she handled it very gracefully. I was cutting and pasting with Mieka on the hip, sometimes sitting in the middle of the table, and sometimes walking with her. I was worried that the baby wails and crying and screaming (depending on her needs), would upset the fellow scrap bookers, but they all took in their stride. Thank you, guys! I have a teething biscuit stain to show on my page, but it fits, because it is about the first twelve months of a baby’s development… (Smile)

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  1. oh you are wonderful. I don;t know how you manage to scrap book, blog, work, be a mommy!Enjoy. We want to see some fotos of the scrap book!


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