Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Breast feeding blues

I am still sad today about not expressing milk at work anymore for Mieka to drink at the day mother. But I was thinking about Arnia, my 16-year old daughter, who refused to take a bottle when she was 3 months of age. Ironically I had to stop breast feeding altogether, and she was forced to take a bottle after 36 hours. I also had to work, and she refused to take a bottle at the day mother.
Luckily Mieka is drinking from the bottle as well, and I am able to continue breast feeding her at night. It makes it far less traumatic, for me and her!
I now cherish our times together even more, because these past 9 months have gone by in a blink. I haven’t been complaining about the not sleeping anymore, because I have realized that one day I will think back to it as something very special. It is very special to sit with your baby, in the middle of the night, and she is drinking-sleeping on the breast, curled up in your arms. And strangely, the sleeping has been getting better and better. She goes to sleep now at 7 to 8 at night, wake up just after 11 (when we had just gone to bed), and then she wakes again at 3. I have to wake her at 6 in the mornings, and usually she wakes up by herself. We can handle this!

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