Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Déjà vu

How difficult can it be? We want a little dog!
We are going through the same trauma again of a few weeks back. Little Bit, our 6-week Miniature Pinscher we got on Sunday, is on a drip until Friday. Apparently it’s only worms, but she got dehydrated. I also think it is because she is of a highly sensitive breed. She is traumatized, and we are traumatized. Dries phoned the breeder, and she says all little dogs have got worms, but usually it is sorted within a week. She says that usually there’s a bit of stress with the change of scenery. But this dog stopped eating, and the stomach got upset. I can only imagine such a small dog stressing in new surroundings again, having to stay in a small cage. Arnia says she is shaking. The previous Scottish terrier puppy also had worms, and after that she caught cat flu. I am holding thumbs that we are not going the same route again. And in the meantime the cash register is rolling…

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  1. We also got a pup two weeks ago, but ours is from Fora and I think my son chose the ugliest dog he could lay his eyes on! He has Scottish terrier in him mixed up with a lot of other things. Hence his name is Ugly and he loves it and us!

    I had a dog with cat flu and two or three pups I got after that also just died, my vet at that stage told me to wait for two years before getting a new dog and I think that worked or maybe we moved, can't remember.

    Good luck with your vet bill!


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