Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Teen blues

I have a beautiful 16-year old who has been a constant source of amazement to me. I am enjoying her on her own journey. The teenage niggles are just a bonus and worth a smile every day.
For example, I heard from my friend, Yvonne, whose teenage girl is the same age (in fact, they are 5 days apart, and we stayed in contact over the years), that Arnia broke up with her boyfriend on Monday. Arnia, or Kiara as she would like to be called, did not say a thing about it at home. I knew she liked the guy, and was hoping that he would ask her out, which he also did the previous week.
What do moms do in today’s age? You go to Facebook. (Smile) I immediately checked her relationship status, but it was still the same, and nothing in the status messages suggested something that she had broken up with the guy. Only “I am feeling down” message, which made me cringe for her sake.
So I had to ask her when we got home what the story was all about. She told us that he was mean to her and snubbed her when she stood next to him at school. She immediately ended their “relationship”, and said that his comments about not being a good day for him did not give him the right to treat her badly. Good for her! It made me very proud to know that she would be able to handle herself in a relationship.
Maybe it is because of her dad (the X, the cancelled one), whom she does not want to see anymore because of the way he treat those nearest to him. Now I know that he is worth something, because for the rest he has not been contributing to her life at all. Not emotionally (except in a negative way) or financially, or in any other way.
I am amazed at the person she is becoming.

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