Thursday, 17 September 2009


I heard the story today of Tracy Todd , the quadriplegic woman whose life is an inspiration. It touched me when she said that the most important thing she wishes she could do again is hug her son. I am so grateful that I am able to hug my baby, and the people near to me. It struck me also that I am able to listen to inspirational stories as part of my job. I am a sound archivist of mostly Afrikaans radio material, and everyday is a new experience listening to people and their stories. I heard today how wonderful it is to be able to do normal things, like combing hair or going to the gym. We take it for granted, and our lives can change in an instant. Tracy Todd became a quadriplegic in an accident because she did not wear her seatbelt. I have been doing the same with Mieka, sitting with her in the back seat of the car when she cries. From now on we have to make other plans. I want to be around to hug my children. And I went to the gym during lunchtime… (smile)

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