Friday, 18 September 2009

Dog stories

I and Arnia lived without a dog for 10 years now. Following the X (cancelled one) we moved into a flat, and we could not accommodate a pet. Only a gold fish and a hamster could share our space. Two years ago we moved into a townhouse, and we decided this year to get a dog. Friends of us promised us a Scottish terrier, and we counted the weeks when we heard about the Scottie’s arrival. We had a name before we even had her. Lula was only with us for two weeks, but she stayed more at the vets than at the house. She first had worms, and then she got the dreaded cat flu. Her immune system was just not strong enough to survive the ordeal. Our finances also took a bad knock because of the whole episode. Following the bad news, I heard from a colleague at work that they had Miniature Pinschers who were just born. We again got excited about a puppy, and got a name for the dog, Petite Peu. But again, it was not meant to be. Yesterday the colleague told me that her daughter had already given away all the dogs! Utter disappointment. I really felt bad for the sake of my daughter. Maybe we are supposed to go and adopt a dog at the SPCA?
Arnia got the job of looking after Lula at night. She did an excellent job, but the intermittent sleep got to her. She asked me: “Do you feel like tossing Mieka out of the window at night?” I laughed, and told her it is a sure sign that she is not ready to have babies for quite a while…
Photo of Arnia with Lula

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