Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Different pages

We went away for the weekend, to Crystal Springs near Pelgrim’s Rust. The drive back and forth took a very long time, and it was extremely exhausting with regards to keeping Mieka occupied in the car. When Dries spoke to my mom over the phone, he said “No, the drive wasn’t that bad”, and I wondered on what page he was, because it was definitely not on my page. I have been noticing this quite a lot lately. Dries tells someone “The sleeping is better!”, and then I am the one feeling washed up for having to get up a couple of times at night. We have different perspectives, and even though we sit next to each other (literally), we could be experiencing something completely different. (Smile) But we all agreed, we had a lovely weekend away with the family, and it was amazing to spend more time with Mieka, and with Arnia and her friend. It was so satisfying; I took an extra day’s leave on Tuesday. Now back to reality! AArghhh…

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