Saturday, 26 September 2009


I have no idea how mothers are able to work from home, staying with their babies. I took Mieka with me to work on Friday. I was totally exhausted, and struggled to complete even some of my daily tasks. She was mostly on my lap, also trying to “type” on the keyboard. My office looked like a playground, and my clothes covered in teething biscuit. I had to switch off the lights twice to get her to sleep for half hour breaks. She also complained when my female colleagues wanted to pick her up, but the men she had no problem with. I wonder if she already knows how she is going to manipulate her world… (Smile) But I really enjoyed having her with me for the whole time.


  1. Enjoy her! My baby is about to leave to go work overseas for 12 months ;(

  2. Yes, Caroline, we are enjoying her! Good luck with your baby leaving!


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