Tuesday, 22 September 2009

9 months

I am extremely fortunate to have a day each month to go to the clinic with Mieka. It is a whole working day that I can pretend I am a stay-at-home mom. Mieka is now 9 months, and she is 7.8kg. She is a bundle of joy. At this stage she enjoys sitting, and when we take her by the hands, she stands up, and you don’t get her to sit again. She claps her hands, and she waves with the fingers pointing to her own face. (I think it is the way she sees us waving at her). She screams or yells, and then laughs with shrieks when we pretend we get a fright. She is better at rolling over, and she also enjoys it when I pretend that it is something extraordinary that she is doing. When she sees herself in a mirror, or her reflection in the stove or windows, she starts clapping or waving. We joke and say she is a real blonde, because she has such a positive reaction on her own reflection! I would have loved to have more of these little things each day…
Photo by Karin D'Orville

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  1. She is getting cuter with each photo. Amazing to see how they develop and grow into little people with their own personalities. Truly they are miracles!


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