Wednesday, 7 August 2019

The Warrior Project addresses Domestic Violence

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Domestic violence is a topic that is very near to my heart. The Warrior Project is live and free and available to those in need in South Africa.

The Warrior Project

  • Providing victims with access to information and resources
  • Established by Yvonne Wakefield (also founder of Caveat Legal), in collaboration with LawForAll and SweepSouth

Yvonne Wakefield, Aisha Pandor and Jackie Nagtegaal
Yvonne Wakefield, Aisha Pandor of SweepSouth (middle) and Jackie Nagtegaal of LawForAll (right)
Women’s Month 2019 sees the launch of South Africa’s first comprehensive information and resource portal for victims of domestic abuse and gender-based violence. The simple web-based service includes a free legal helpline manned by a women-only team at LawForAll, and links to police, helplines and counseling services, as well as a list of shelters. Its associated social media sites also provide for sharing of stories to educate and inspire those in abusive relationships who feel alone and incapable of making a change.

This comes on the back of a spate of recent convictions of South African men (Packham, Rohde and Nobade) for having murdered their wives.

Globally, 39% of homicides of women are committed by an intimate partner. In SA that figure is 57%. ‘We have become the femicide capital of the world’ concluded Salie-Hlophe J in the recent court judgment of S v Nobade (CC16/2018) [2019] ZAWCHC 76 (19 June 2019) at para 21.

‘The statistics are frightening,’ says Yvonne Wakefield, founder of The Warrior Project, ‘The problem of domestic abuse and gender-based violence in South Africa has reached massive proportions. It is now a crisis, and I could no longer look the other way’.

And it turns out that neither could other well-known female business leaders. Both Jackie Nagtegaal of LawForAll and Aisha Pandor of SweepSouth stepped up to collaborate without hesitation, bringing their resources and commitment to the table. ‘It’s amazing how powerful ideological alignment between women on these issues can be’, says Wakefield.  

 In a previous life I used to be very afraid. For my life, and the life of my child. I know how much courage it takes to say no more, and to get out of a situation that violates every bit of humanity that you are. I now know that the only person that can help you, is yourself when you ask for help. There are so many many people waiting to help you, such as The Warrior project.

Just take that step to ask for help!

Warriors stand up!

Thank you so much for providing this service, ladies of The Warrior Project!

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  1. Sounds like a super initiative and I'm glad you can support them. You never know when your blog post can help even just one person.

  2. Very nice article, exactly what I needed.


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