Thursday, 22 August 2019

Writing stories for children - Hollard makes it easy with Instastory Books

Small children's book in hand: Fumiko
Hollard InstaStory Book

Always wanted to write a children's story book? There's a really easy way using social media on Instagram. Hollard in partnership with NGO Kago Ya Bana have come up with an ingenious programme available to all to produce story books for young children. You can write and produce your own story book now!

Using Social Media to create Social Good
We have a country where most of our children do not have access to books, and they can't read for meaning in any language. The opportunity to learn is severely compromised. The initiative by Hollard is creating and collecting a new library of original InstaStoryBooks for kids. They are calling on people to create stories in the form of 9 Instagram Story frames, that they convert into foldable books.

Jenny Hatton, published author, editor and teacher, gave us a few pointers last week on how to write a children's book. It's definitely not as easy as it looks. I tried.

"Writing a picture book is like writing "War and Peace" in Haiku - Mem Fox 

Jenny Hatton giving workshop
Jenny Hatton 

Great pointers to keep in mind when writing a children's story book: Jenny Hatton

The final take-away notes 

1. Read, read and read some more.

2. Visit bookstores and libraries and read children's books.

3. Talk to children.

4. Read stories to children and observe. (They are the best critics)

It is really easy to use InstaStories to make a book.
All the details are here: Hollard InstaStoryBooks 

InstaStoryBook in hand
Hollard InstaStoryBooks

You will also find the InstaStoryBooks that has already been created. It can be downloaded for own use and to put it in the hands of children around you.

Putting original books into the hands of children to create better futures

Please share with me when you create your own InstaStoryBook?

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