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Read because... 10 ways we can do our share

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National Book Week is celebrating it's tenth year next week from 2 - 8 September. It's a reminder to all of us to pay attention to one of the most liberating activities we can do for ourselves, and especially our kids. If we can't read, we can't learn, and if we can't learn, it has major implications for the rest of our lives. Reading is an issue in our country. Parents don't read to their kids, and there is not enough access to books and resources.

“The lack of reading interest in our country needs our collective awakening, each one of us must take responsibility to encourage people to read,” says Elitha van der Sandt, CEO, SABDC. “National Book Week provides that platform, a week-long celebration where all South Africans can play their part to promote reading and making books available to those around them. We encourage all corporates, leaders across political lines, parents, teachers,community members, brothers and sisters to celebrate stories, reading and books. It is a human right, and an inexpensive way to transform and move our country forward.”
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Cyril Ramaphosa reading quote

What can we do to start reading more?

10 ways we can play our part to enhance reading

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- Read to your children. They always love listening to stories, no matter how old. Make it a daily ritual.

- Read yourself. It shows your kids how much you enjoy it.

- Check out your local library in your town.

- Check out the second hand bookshops. It's also a treasure trove.

- Start a book club for the kids in your local community, and swap books with every meeting.

- Take part in the #readbecause movement: Be part of the conversation to collectively reconsider the way that reading promotion is approached.

#readbecause it broadens my horizons
#readbecause it reduces stress
#readbecause it makes me smarter
#readbecause I get a better perspective of different viewpoints
#readbecause it enhances memory

- 2019 is the International Year of Indigenous Languages. Read #ourstories  to celebrate our heritage and languages. Read in your own language.

- Write your own stories with InstaStory Books - Hollard has a great initiative going by using social media to get more story books into the hands of children.

- Donate books to your local school.

- Take part in the #buyabook campaign. Exclusive Books and Bargain Books are making a list of books available for R20, which can be donated. The campaign launched on 24 August and will run until 8 September.

Girls in front of book shelves in second hand bookshop
Read because

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