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World Read Aloud Day - Every Day

Girl searching for story books on library shelves
Girl searching for a story book on the library shelves #WRAD2018
This day needs a shout-out! World Read Aloud Day! It should not be the only day that we read aloud, but it is always good to get a formal reminder each year that we should read aloud to our children. They should also read aloud to us!

The Read Educational Trust, a NGO, and Nalibali are doing great work in South Africa with regards reading, and Read Aloud Day today!

The Read Educational Trust

Read Aloud Magix Box set with some of the books on table in front
Read Aloud Magic Box sets

Why Reading Aloud Matters

The benefits:

- A child who hears the vocabulary that is only in books, newspapers and magazines has a giant advantage.
- Reading aloud also increases a child’s attention span.
- When you read aloud, you’re whetting a child’s appetite for reading.

The disadvantages of not reading: 

In an age where the average teen spends 90 minutes a day, sending text messages, it is absolutely vital to keep the habit of reading aloud, alive. There is evidence that we don’t remember information as well when we read it on a screen, so parents and caregivers have a huge responsibility to encourage a love of books and be that priceless reading role model.

READ Educational Trust has a lifelong focus of promoting literacy in a country where 78% of Grade 4 learners cannot read for meaning in any language, according to the recently released PIRLS Study (Progress In International Reading Literacy, 2016). (That's a scary figure!)

RET have launched the ‘Read Aloud Magic’ sets (R1500) , alongside Reading Matters, which is a vital tool in encouraging reading aloud, at home and at school.
Each of three box sets contains 12 beautifully designed books filled with enchanting, adventure-filled stories set in Africa. These stories are all set in Africa, and revolve around children and animals discovering the world in which they live. Set A is suitable for children aged 4 to 7, while 5-to-8-year-olds will enjoy set B. Set C is aimed at children aged 6 to 9. These sets are a priceless investment, not only in terms of serving to build your child’s vocabulary, but as far as spending quality time with your little ones goes. (See picture above)
Children reading with quote by Jane Austen - It isn't what we say or think that defines us, but what we do"
Read Education Trust - quote by Jane Austen

 Nalibali World Read Aloud Day

Nalibali has popped up on my timeline on all social media sites about Read Aloud Day today! They have a goal to read aloud to 1 million children today. They are asking for a pledge to read aloud today, and you can sign up on the website. They even provide the story 'The final minute' written by Zukiswa Wanner, in any of South Africa's official languages. The download is available on the website.

The hashtag is: #WRADChallenge2018

I can thankfully say that our reading has paid off. We have been reading to Miss since she was a baby. Miss loves reading, and she loves reading aloud to us. Yesterday she was reading an English book (which is her second language) to me in the car, and by reading aloud she was able to practice her pronunciation. It doesn't matter what we read, but only that we read. As they grow older, we must try and find the topics that interest them the most. Miss was reading a science book, but with gross facts. She was in awe that we have so much "living things" in our pants (and everywhere else) that we can't see.

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  1. I believe that of all the things that we have done for our children reading to them has added most value to their lives


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