Monday, 19 February 2018

LIfe is a choice, not an excuse

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Study course notes
We signed up for a study course, and this past weekend was the weekend that we could fit it in. Grade 4 is a culture shock! More for the parents than the kids, it seems! :-) The extra subjects, tests, exams and projects are a lot more than the previous grades. The parents need to help manage, AND time manage, AND help the kids to learn.

We are so glad we signed up for this! We got a couple of telephone numbers to phone from the Grade 3 teachers last year, and the lady who phoned me back is from a Tina Cowley Reading Centre. The course was from a Friday afternoon, followed up by the Saturday afternoon. It was more than a good six hours of learning how to learn.

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We have a choice in life! #quote
I love the fact that Ilene taught the children first that they have a choice in life. They can make excuses about why they cannot excel. But they have a choice. They can choose to do their best in life!

She showed them different scenarios of people who made a choice to do their best, although they have many challenges. If there is one thing, except kindness, that I want for my children, is that they can choose their best life.

Check out the story of the man without limbs, Nick Vujicic. He is very inspiring!

The study course taught us different learning methods, such as association methods, and mind mapping. Although I have heard and used some of these techniques, it was really helpful to practise it with Miss. We feel much more relaxed about learning for the upcoming tests. We have some solid ways of getting through the study material each week.

We also figured out that Miss is a left brain thinker, and it helps a lot to know with how we study and manage her study space.  Miss also loved the mind mapping, and as predicted she LOVES using her highlighters while learning. ;-)

This was a really good investment of our time and money. It is an investment in lifelong learning, and I picked up some good learning techniques for myself as well.

I would recommend this to all Grade 4 learners and their parents!


  1. I'd really like to know more about this course for when we get there - do you have a link?
    I know someone that worked at Tina Cowley before but I thought it was more learning to read so this sounds really interesting. I used mind maps a lot but I think each kid has to figure out the best ways.

    1. Hi Heather I am not sure if all the Tina Cowley's do the same course. I will send through this Centre's details.
      I copied this from the Tina Cowley web page:
      Franchisee: Ilene Oberholzer

      Tel no: 082 417 7267


      Address: Madge Street 2, Northcliff


  2. Hi, such a great post. My daughter is in Grade 4 and you are so right, it is a culture shock for us parents. I will be sure to look into this course for us.

    1. I think any course helping them to learn how to learn will help tremendously! Good luck!


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