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How to improve Facebook engagement in 2018 - Jodene Shaer

Emoyeni Estate, with people sitting outside
MamaMagic New Product Awards at Emoyeni Estate
MamaMagic is not only known for the MamaMagic exhibitions throughout the country. It has become a powerful platform partnering with the best products and people - from pregnancy to parenting babies and children. It is a platform to kick start new products and to empower the skill set necessary to drive this innovative growing industry.
Cover of Milestones Magazine with text MamaMagic New Products Awards at Emoyeni
Milestones magazine by MamaMagic - New Products Awards event

The MamaMagic New Products Awards Ceremony for 2017 was held at the beautiful Emoyeni Estate last week. It is always exciting to see the products, and meet inspiring people. Last week did not disappoint. Jodene Shaer from Chat Factory was there to get the business owners up to speed with what's happening in the social media sphere. Of course everything has changed again this year, and you can't be doing social media the same as previously!  Jodene has most of the answers for most of the platforms, and we need to know what to do differently this year. Facebook has changed their algorithms considerably. I share some of her insights about FB here!

Jodene Shaer speech with FB engagement powerpoint slide
Jodene Shaer

How to improve Facebook Page Engagement - Jodene Shaer

How to obtain the best possible organic reach  on a FB Brand Page

  • Limit number of posts

Never post more than once a day on FB, and only 4-5 posts a week. (This is NEWS!)

  • Go live when possible

This gets the best interaction!
  • Tag people and places

You can't tag on a cellphone, but tag as soon as possible via the computer. 
  • Use video and moving content

Down to earth video gets a higher organic reach. Everything is moving towards video consumption. 
  • Respond to every comment

 If you do not respond to comments, the engagement rate plummets. Comments have to be a priority!
  • Request reviews

FB loves it!
  • Have a budget and use Ads Manager

Ads Manager gets bigger reach than Boost.

Cloudy View from Emoyeni Estate

Thanks Jodene!  Here's hoping we got the gist of your knowledge.


There will be more follow-ups with interesting people from MamaMagic. Watch this space! 

Do you want to hear the tips that Jodene had about Instagram and Twitter? She really knows her stuff!

Did you see a change in your reach on Facebook this year? Let us know if there is something else we also need to be aware of?


  1. Very interesting! Definitely a few pointers to keep in mind.

  2. I would like to know that other stuff about Instagram and Twitter. Now that is interesting about only posting once a day - did she say why?

    1. Jodene did not say, or I missed it. I will ask her and let you know

  3. bookmarked!!, I like your blog!


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