Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Little Live Wrapples - the cutest pets from Prima Toys

Little Live Wrapple in packaging

The cutest furry best friend, a Little Live Wrapples, made it's way to us via a blog drop from Prima Toys. We love them, as they are interactive and great for fun. We think it is a magical toy for special people on their birthdays or the upcoming festive season. Yes, it's that time of the year again! Yay!

We are listing a few reasons why we think Wrapples are such a great toy.

Reasons why Little Live Wrapples is a great toy

Wrapples pet on arm
Little Live Wrapples

- The 'slap-band' tail fits on your wrist and you can take them with you.

- They have over 50 sounds and reactions. We don't think we have seen everything yet from our Una Wrapples.

- They come to life and their eyes are a reflection of their moods.

- Wrapples love to talk to you and each other. We did not have a fellow Wrapples, but we have a Fingerlings Baby Unicorn. See our Instagram IGTV @karentoittoit for the fun they have when they are together.

- They love to be pet and to be tickled. They giggle and they purr.

- They go to sleep when you hang them upside down.

- They are super cute. We received Una, a unicorn Wrapple, which is adorable in overload!

- She is a furry best friend!

We give this little pet Wrapple a 5/5 for all the cute reactions she has.

Disclaimer: We received this Little Live Wrapple as part of a blog drop.
We are not getting paid to write this review, but we love her and think it is a great present for little girls from five years up. She is priced at about 400 ZAR.

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