Friday, 23 August 2019


Karen du Toit
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What a strange word: Menopause. ME NO PAUSE. I just love it!

There is still the slightly negative connotation to it! And that it should be kept under wraps. To be suffered in silence! WHY? It signals a next stage in your life. It is to be celebrated, just as a first period transports you into being a woman.

I suspect I am in the thick of it, because there are some symptoms. I love most of the symptoms at this stage, and can't find anything that's not to be celebrated. (I hope Murphy is not around, and that I have to come back red-faced to say that this was a premature declaration?)

Things to celebrate with menopause

- No more periods! Even though we discovered menstrual cups only a few years back, it still is such a relief to not be bothered with it!

- No more worries about getting pregnant.

- It seems that hot flushes is a bother, but personally I love it. As I am always cold, it is nice to have an in-built heater that switches on sometimes. I like the feeling!

- Waking up at night (mostly with a hot flush) has never been a bother, as I love checking the time to see how much sleep I still have left. I just go back to sleep.

- Brain fog is an issue, but it makes me look at my diet and exercise. It is always a prod to check my lifestyle again.

- I am stepping into a next phase of my life. I like where I am and where I am going. I like me! There's are still so much to do! I haven't done everything that I wanted to do in life. Me-no-pause.


What's your experience with menopause? I would love to hear.


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