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Don't wake up an insightful look at the dynamics in a relationship

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Don't wake up, by Shauna Kelley - on Kindle

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The final pages of Don't wake up, by Shauna Kelley, had me shaken. It took me a few days to process. Because I have experience of domestic violence and emotional abuse (in a previous life), this book touched so many nerves. My soap box tirades are evidence. The really smarts of this book is the exploration into a relationship, and how much is truth, and how much is perception. Who is the victim, and who is the abuser/manipulator. It is not as clear cut. Perception trumps the truth in the end? Go read this book. I truly recommend it!

Don't Wake UpDon't Wake Up by Shauna Kelley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book left me with so many things to think about. A wife who deceives her unconscious husband after he wakes up, reconstructing a life they did not had. The perception of mental abuse and emotional manipulation shines through. But who is the victim/s, and who is is the abuser/s? This book explores perception and perspective in a relationship on a very smart level. The end of the book is abrupt, but left me shook. It's the perfect ending, but so unexpected.
Well done for well-developed characters, and story line.
I give the book 4 stars for keeping the suspense, and for relationship exploration!
Disclaimer: I was sent a pdf copy of the book from the author, via Booktasters, in exchange for an honest review.

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