Monday, 6 May 2019

Things I know for sure being an older mom

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Mother's Day is coming up, and we are again reminded of the great mothers in our lives. There is no one that can replace your own mother and the sacrifices she has made for you. The beliefs she has for you, and that she is always there to have your back. Even when you are over 50 years yourself... (Yes, even more!) Thanks, Mom!

Celebrating the Older Mom - Karen from MomAgain@40 blog post
Celebrating the older Mom series at FunMammaSA

Judy at Fun Mamma (who is a mother of 7, and also had a little one when she was over 40) is doing a great series in celebrating the older mom. We also had to answer a series of questions: Celebrating the older mom Karen from MomAgain@40

This made me think about the things that I know for sure about being an older mom...

Being an older mom: what I know

- I know nothing. Life has come to teach me that as soon as I smugly think I know everything, it brings me back to start again. 

- A new life brings a new personality with her own rules and her own teaching. We are learning to see life from a different perspective. Each child brings their own filter and perspective on life. 

- We are never to old to start learning again. Thanks, Life!

- We are grateful for new opportunities that comes with a new life. You cannot feel old when you have a young life in your midst. You have to do life from afresh. Experiencing life all over again. 

- We have learnt to savour each perfect moment of NOW! A young life lives in NOW, and enjoys each moment now, in the moment. I can relearn this each and every day!

- Being an older mom does not really comes with a badge in wisdom, and we are doing parenting the same as the younger moms. We all battle the same daily struggles in helping our kids.

- We love the connection we found with all moms, young and old. We have the same common goal.

- Thanks, Life, for giving us this opportunity. Gratitude comes with being a mother, younger or older! 

- Patience is a virtue, even when being older, and we are still inspired towards that goal. Being older comes with more patience, definitely!

- Parenting is humbling!

Thanks, Miss Fine, we love you for all the richness in our lives!


  1. Each child is so different and I've realised I've been a very different mom to each of them.

    1. Yes, Wenchy. They are totally different, and they teach us so many life lessons!


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