Monday, 13 May 2019

Transformers BotBots - The challenge is on!

Front page of Transformers BotBots customised comic book
Customised Transformers BotBots comic #TransformersBotBots

Energon, Transformers' energy, has hit more objects, coming alive as Transformer Robots, called BotBots. It's not as easy to spot these tiny robots, as they are disguised as everyday items. They can be anything, from shoes, cupcakes and baseball bats. They come in Tribes, called the Sugar Shocks, the Jock Squad and the Toilet Troop, to name 3 of them. There are 8 tribes of 190 BotBots to collect in 2019.

Miss Fine got her own customised Comic of Transformers BotBots & Mieka's Adventures.

Page from customised Transformers BotBots comic book
Transformers BotBots comic - searching for lost Bots #BotBotsChallenge
Unboxing these little robots are super fun, and great to start with the challenge.


- Collect a team

- Pose them together in a scene where they fit

- Post the picture with #BotBotsChallenge

- Find them in a 5 pack or a blind bag at TakeAlot, ToysRUs, ToyZone, Toy Kingdom and Checkers

- Check out Facebook Transformers South Africa

Disclaimer: We got the comic and two BotBots to start our challenge. What have you collected so far?

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