Friday, 12 May 2017

I know WHY it's a fight to get her to put on shoes - SPD

But how do we get her to put on shoes when she flatly refuses?
Each day we have to ask politely for her to put on her shoes! Then it escalates pretty soon into not so nice, arguing and bullying her to get on her shoes.
I know its because of Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)! The older she gets, the more I understand the underlying sensory issues. But it is still very difficult! And we do not always handle it correctly! (Sorry, Miss!)

I listened to a Sensory Solutions webinar yesterday, and it just ticked all the boxes again! If you do not have a child with sensory issues, you are quick to label the child as being difficult and naughty and of course bad parenting! (As parent you judge yourself!)

Little Miss is the same with clothes. Some clothes gets worn, because it's comfortable, but some does not! Ever! Most of the time the shoes and jackets get a ride in the car to school, and still do not get onto her feet and body!

And then we say: "Sure! You go cold! We don't care!" (But we do!)

Because she just says "NO!"

Winter is here, Little Miss!
Tomorrow we will try again to get on your shoes. Today was a good day, because you kept on your comfy boots when we got to school (although you wanted to take it off).  (High five to us!)

How do you handle sensory issues and clothes?
Are there more children nowadays with sensory issues, or we we now more aware of it?


  1. I have the same issues with my eldest. I too am learning to understand better as she gets older. I too don't always deal with it correctly. And I too do actually care, even if I say I don't. Thanks for this post.

  2. She is lucky to have a Mummy who takes the trouble to learn and understand the issues which she faces

  3. Thanks so much for saying this, Sula!

  4. I'm glad you are doing your research it must be so frustrating. I have little kids still taking their shoes off in this cold weather but they just kick them off..


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