Monday, 1 February 2016

5 Tips to a job seeker

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(From the Job Seeker’s Mom)

We have a job seeker in the home. The Student is finishing her final subject in the first half of this year. The initial idea was that she stayed on at University and to get a student job while at it. But the student jobs are few and not paying very much. She is now at home near the city to find a job while completing her final studies on every second Saturday.

A head hunter told me last week that the job market is saturated, and that the employers can be very finicky! We experienced it already! The Student was at University last week to register and she could not go to an interview that she was invited to for the next day. She was immediately disqualified! Although she said that she would be available on Skype or back home this week, it was not acceptable!  That’s how cut-throat it is!

So I thought I would get in a pep-talk for this Monday…

Tips to a Job Seeker

(Translate: Mom’s wisdom on finding a job!)

1. Do not get despondent too soon! 
It feels like it’s taking too long, but a few months is not too long measured against a lifetime of work.
You are not “unemployed”, but a “job seeker”.  (There’s a difference! Yes, there is!)

2. Make sure all your CV and online information are up to date!
Do a regular Google search from another computer (not your own) to ensure that your online profiles are “job-worthy”!

3. Engage your social media networks!
It’s usually through contacts and who you know that get you a job. People love helping people when they are asked to or know how to help!

4. Do not take any job because you are getting frantic.
You have studied to have a specific career, and don’t let go of that goal. The jobs that we do tend to define us, and sometimes it can limit us in our future job seeking efforts!  (Trust me! I know!)

5. You are still a student! 
In today's  workplace you will keep on being a student!  Work that title as much as the title of being a “job seeker”!

Do you have any more tips for a job seeker?


  1. I got my job through
    It's a good system it emails you jobs in your field.

  2. Any previous experience counts. When I first went for interviews they were more interested in how I handled my student job as a sales clerk than in my Science honours degree

  3. Wishing her every success with the job hunting and that she will find the perfect fit ♥

  4. Even if you are a graduate or not, still it is not easy to look for a job that will fit your skills.


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